World innovations in recycling🌎

One scientist has made a significant advancement. John Layman, head of material science at Procter & Gamble and chief technologist and founding inventor of PureCycle Technologies, developed a revolutionary process to remove color, odor, and contaminants from polypropylene plastic waste and transform it into a “virgin-like” resin, which is the basis for
plastic products.

PureCycle’s technology presents a major development in recycling capabilities, and focusing on polypropylene is especially notable.
It’s the second-most used plastic in the world, yet only 1 percent is currently recycled.

Layman’s colleague and former classmate Scott Trenor, a senior polymer scientist at Milliken & Company, contributed a key set of plastic additives to increase the viability of PureCycle materials.

Additives are chemical substances that modify the properties of plastics so they can be used in different types of products.

For example, a car bumper would need to be more durable and impact-resistant, while a yogurt cup would need to be more flexible.

Now Milliken and PureCycle are working together to scale and advance the technology, with plans to start commercial-scale production at PureCycle’s first plant, in Ohio, in 2022.