SOP / 2.05

  • Consists of paper, as typically generated by offices, containing primarily white and coloured groundwood-free paper, free of unbleached fiber. May include a small percantage of groundwood computer printout and facsimile paper
  • Prohibitive materials may not exceed 1 %
  • Total outthrows may not exceed 5 %
  • Paper, as typically generated by offices, shredded or unshredded, lightly printed, mass coloured paper allowed, but no deep coloured papers, with a minumum of %70 wood-free paper, free of carbon and principally free of carbonless copy paper(CCP)/no carbon required(NCR), free of manila envolopes, file covers, newspapers and carboard.
  • Non-paper components maximum 1%
  • Total unwanted material maximum 2%
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