BSG RECYCLING has been active throughout Ukraine for the past few years.

sorting yards, archival and printing companies
200 transport companies

The company is interested not only in its development but also in the development of the industry as a whole, which allows our partners to grow with us.

Our qualified team of purchase and logistics will advise you on all terms of cooperation and products after receiving your application.

We are interested in new partners working in the field of collection of secondary raw materials and are ready to establish new strong business relations with a reliable company on the terms of regular cooperation.


Plastic scrap
Our offerings range from newspapers, magazines, and telephone books, (corrugated) cardboard, shavings, continuous computer printing, wood-free paper, wrapping paper, kraft bags, mixed paper, and cardboard. We buy paper and sell it to companies where the waste paper is recycled to create new products. Thus, wastepaper is most effectively used as secondary raw material.
Thanks to our global network, we have access to wastepaper of all the most popular brands, and we can supply the types of paper you need at any time.
BSG RECYCLING specializes in various brands of wastepaper in the field of secondary raw materials.
We buy and sell all types of plastic waste according to the Guidelines for Plastic Scrap: P-2020. These include PET bottles, PP/PET strapping scrap, HDPE jazz and bottles, HDPE drums, OPP/BOPP.
Our company has an international network of resources for the purchase and sale of plastic waste. We offer plastics of various types, such as PP, PS, PET, LDPE, HDPE, OPP/BOPP, etc.

Do you need used plastic as a secondary raw material for the manufacture of new products?


Or would you like to sell a certain amount of plastics?


We offer our customers the highest quality service in the field of logistics.

We fully understand the needs of the client, are always ready for constructive cooperation and will be happy to comefor assistance in the delivery of goods. We are not only deal with the full organization of cargo delivery, but we also ship goods from the starting point to the destination.

In our logistics activities, we are not limited to 1 mode of transport, moreover, we use all 2 most popular formats of transportation: sea and road.



Advantages of sea transportation:
• Low cost.
Delivering in this way, the weight of the goods does not matter at all, because small batches can be placed on groupage cargo.
• Convenience.
The convenience is that during the change of transport, the cargo does not need to be loaded into and unloaded from the container every time.
• Reliability.
Containers are sealed at the sender and opened only at the recipient, so the reliability of the cargo is guaranteed. And ships are unlikely to get into a natural disaster and when
thereby losing containers.

Disadvantages of shipping 
• Long terms of delivery time.
• Dependence on weather conditions.
• This option is not suitable for perishable goods.
• The process of loading and unloading goods is complex and requires the right technology.

This type of transport is optimal if you send cargo over very long distances, usually intercontinental routes.
Advantages of road transport:
• High delivery speed.
• Ability to plan or approve the route by the sender.
• The customer can receive information about the location of the goods in real-time.

Disadvantages of road transport:
• Cargo weight limit.
• Difficulties with cargo transportation in winter in some regions.
• High cost of long-distance trucking, compared to other types of trucking.

This transport is ideal for inland and national transport, for example within a single country or in relatively close and overland countries.


BSG|EXPORT is not only support of your company in questions of foreign economic activity but also the support of your goods from manufacture to foreign consumers: as soon as the strategy is coordinated - we realize the export project

With an education in international trade, a professional team, and more than 7 years of experience in foreign economic activity, the international holding BSG conquers new heights.

Offers small and medium enterprises, manufacturers, and startups comprehensive support, experience, and skills in entering foreign markets. if you want to export for the first time or if you are already exporting, but you have some temporary problems, provides strategic and operational support at all stages of export.

Our invaluable experience allows us to solve the most pressing issues of exports of goods from Ukraine - certification, documentation, customs procedures, legal and accounting issues, identification of foreign partners, market and product analysis, logistics and warehousing solutions, payments, and currency exchange.


is to bring Ukrainian producers to the international market and fill store shelves with Ukrainian goods