Business Solution Group
is an international trading company in the field of waste paper trade.

Starting with the main brands of paper, we gradually increased our volumes from year to year. At the same time, we have created a strong partner network throughout Ukraine, forming a total of more than 10 branches, and continue this process to this day.
Currently, BSG RECYCLING is actively developing and continues to sign new partnership agreements around the world, which in turn has an impact on improving the environment, and this issue is more relevant for humanity than ever. Since last year, we have expanded the range of products, adding to the list of aluminum cans, and in 2021 we plan to start working with plastic waste.
In our activity we use innovative tools for the promotion of our services and communication with clients, we introduce the value of processing of secondary raw materials and we provide the enterprises on processing with high-quality raw materials.
Also, since January 2021, our company has expanded the range of services in the direction of exporting goods from Ukraine abroad. We help Ukrainian producers to enter the international market, thereby promoting Ukrainian products. Thus, BSG Recycling provides an opportunity to develop small and medium-sized businesses outside Ukraine, as well as promotes the attraction of foreign currency into the economy of Ukraine.
Our scale is expanding not only within Ukraine, since January 2019 we have opened an office in the United States, which is building active partnerships and trade activities with one of the largest suppliers of secondary resources in the world. In September 2019, we expanded our borders in Europe by opening a new office in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
BSG RECYCLING started its activity in 2014.
Although, it was a difficult economic year for Ukraine, the founder, and owner of the company, Tatarchenko Eugene, working in the field of secondary raw materials since 2008, decided to open a company that has become the largest exporter of waste paper from Ukraine to different countries.


BSG RECYCLING, international business owner, MBA manager with many years of experience in financial planning and management and risk diversification.

Business is a team. The responsibility of the leader is to create a well-coordinated team for the success of the company


Our company is one of the leaders in this industry because in the process of our activities we are guided by the values ​​and principles that help us fulfill our main mission

Considering the growth rate of waste and recyclables in the world, as well as the negative consequences caused by this process, the mission of BSG RECYCLING to become one of the largest suppliers of waste paper
in the world!

Besides, we help Ukrainian producers enter the international market, thereby promoting Ukrainian products. That’s why, BSG RECYCLING provides an opportunity to develop small and medium-sized businesses outside Ukraine, as well as promotes the attraction of foreign currency into the economy of Ukraine.

The core values ​​that inspire us to work better and harder to achieve our mission:

protection of the environment from total pollution

reducing the amount of waste that enters the landfill

increase in the volume of secondary raw materials processed in the world

development of Ukrainian small and medium business at the international level.


Providing factories and plants with quality secondary raw materials makes it possible to:

The philosophy of our activity is based on the principle of recycling. It is through the recycling of secondary raw materials that our company helps to reduce the negative impact of solid waste on ecology.

BSG RECYCLING focuses on the concept of sustainable development of society, so we combine three areas:

Reduce large amounts of waste in landfills

Save water and land resources

To prevent the death of flora and fauna of the world's oceans because of total waste pollution

Environmental responsibility.

Economic responsibility

Social responsibility


One of the main components of the company's stable growth and development is our team.

BSG RECYCLING specialists are specialists in their fields, each of whom has more than one year of experience and professional competence behind. Let's get to know each employee better.

"A leader is not a position, but psychology, a way of life and a way of thinking.
My tasks are to build a strong team, organize productive work, and strategic planning. "


CEO of the company, a successful, ambitious leader who is well versed in the intricacies of the secondary raw materials market, as well as able to build all work processes at a high organizational level.


Leontiy Kokin

Foreign Markets Manager of the Procurement and Logistics Department. Leo has excellent analytical skills, knowledge of contractual terms of supply, transport and customs operations, as well as a strong character and ability to make responsible decisions.


Sales development representative. Gianni is an Italian with a Ukrainian soul and a true professional in his field, he knows how to find an individual approach to each client, to meet his needs as accurately as possible.



Market Manager of Ukraine, Procurement and Logistics Department. Natalia is well versed in her job, she is meticulous and responsible in every task. Her responsibilities include preparing documents for suppliers and transport companies, as well as planning an available transport for delivering goods.

Competent accounting and management training can help anticipate many financial and managerial problems. My love for numbers helps me in this, with high concentration and scrupulousness."


Company accountant. Iryna treats each task as responsibly as possible, performs each item related to calculations, transactions, and accounting reports in a timely and reliable manner.

"Speed, scrupulousness, accuracy are important in customs, these are the qualities I train every working day to be as effective as possible for our customers."


Customs broker. Andrew is a real specialist in his area, 12 years of experience and a responsible approach to each case, help to make all process of documentation of goods for both export and import, quickly.

certificate leader of thr branch
certificate employee of the year